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Supporting a Loved One with Trichotillomania

It doesn’t matter who it is, whether your daughter, sibling, partner, or friend; if they are suffering with Trichotillomania, they need your support, but that in and of itself can be a challenge; even more so if you don’t understand what is happening. For many of us, we try and help by offering advice, but […]

Why am I Bald? What is Hair Replacement?

Receding hairlines are something people have been dealing with for centuries. Ceasar would comb his hair forward to hide his hair loss. A full head of hair has always been associated with being young. Those with hair loss at some point always wonder if anything can be done to restore their hair so they can […]

Hair Loss: Four Common Misconceptions

Wearing a hat can cause hair loss. This is not exactly correct as its not as much the wearing of a hat that can cause hair loss as it is the person wearing the hat. Hair loss can happen in two ways, the first being, if the hat being worn is too tight that it […]

Hair Loss in Women Over 50

For many women, just turning 50 can be a hard enough reality. Add to that any thinning hair issues and the emotional stress can go off the charts. Before we go into the role that menopause and aging itself has on hair loss, let’s take a look at alopecia. It’s something that can happen to […]